Avoiding Crime For Older People

avoiding crime for older people

Contrary to popular belief, a person aged over 65 is less likely to be a victim of crime than someone younger. Older people have safer lifestyles. They are more likely to take safety precautions and tend to spend less time out and about at night when the crime risk is higher. Most older Victorians drive safely, but there are considerations and warnings signs that you should be aware of as you get older: Older Victorians

Safety Planning With Older People

Older people have the right to live in safety, to be treated with dignity and respect and to make their own decisions. Some older people are denied these rights, often by those who are closest to them. It is important that we respect their rights, including the right to choose not to take any action. Here’s a tip sheet you can refer for safety planning with older people: Safety Planning With Older People

Elder Abuse

While older people may be resistant to crime, research from Australia and overseas shows that around 5% of older people may be experiencing elder abuse. The real number may be higher because many people feel they cannot speak up. In 2006, the Victorian Government established the Elder Abuse Prevention and Response Initiative. Learn more about elder abuse here: Elder Abuse

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