Funeral Services Options Melbourne

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Serenity Funeral Services offer a range of services to help honour & celebrate the person who is gone, to help you say ‘farewell’ in a personal way.

No funeral service is the same these days. There are many ways to personalise and create a meaningful service that is suitable to the life lived.

Call Serenity Funeral Services on 1800 055 311 or send us a message for our funeral director to give you a call.

Here are a few main points to consider, choices will directly impact the type of service you will have:

  • Burial or cremation
  • Which cemetery / memorial park that will be used
  • Religious or non-religious service
  • What area you would like to hold the service
  • Time of the day for the funeral service

Once you have considered these, you can think about being creative and add some unique touches to the service if you choose. Even a traditional or religious service can still have a personalised bit in it.

Here is some more information on Melbourne Cremation Services & Melbourne Burial Services, or you can call us on 1800 055 311 for more details.

Your Serenity Funeral Services funeral director will help you by arranging and coordinating all that is needed to make sure the funeral service runs smoothly on the day so you can focus your attention on saying farewell.

Serenity Funeral Services can help you with a range of other services including interstate / international repatriation, custom personalised coffins from ExpressionCoffins, Memorial Services, After-Funeral Functions & Wakes, Multicultural Funerals, Pre-paid Funerals & Pre-arranged Funerals.

To find out more about the services Serenity Funeral Services provides please call 1800 055 311 or Send Us A Message Here