Cremation Funeral Services from Caring Funeral Directors

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Dealing with the loss of a loved one is difficult. The funeral directors from Serenity Funerals will walk you through the process involved with a cremation funeral service and make all the arrangements for you.

A Serenity Funerals’ funeral director will make sure that the cremation service is tailored to your families’ and your loved ones’ taste and requirements. We can assist with the purchase of a memorial site for the ashes to be placed or arrange the scattering of the ashes at the desired location.

When selecting a cremation service from Serenity Funerals, our staff will provide you with all the options available so you can choose a cremation funeral service that allows your family to say goodbye to your loved one the way you want. We provide several different funeral options to all budgets.

All costs associated with our Cremation Funeral Services will be clearly outlined at the beginning, so there are no hidden costs.

Cremation Funeral Services – Scattering of the Ashes

Many families who opt for a cremation funeral service wish to scatter the ashes at a unique location. Our funeral directors can assist you with making all arrangements at your chosen spot, allowing your family and friends a special farewell for your loved one.

Cremation Funeral Services – Memorials

If you wish for the ashes to be placed in a memorial or cemetery so that family and friends have a place to return and pay their respects to, our funeral directors will make all the arrangements for purchasing a memorial site on your behalf.

We can also help families to select a personalised urn should you wish to display the ashes at your home, a family mausoleum or memorial garden.

Wake or Family Gathering Arrangements for Cremation Funeral Services

After the cremation service, our funeral directors can organise a wake or family gathering to allow your family to gather together and celebrate the life of your loved one. It’s a time for your family and friends to share the memories and stories.

Whether you choose to have the wake at our function room, at your home or another location, our funeral directors will help to make all the preparations in regards to catering and venue so you and your family can concentrate on saying farewell.

Our highly trained and friendly funeral directors are here for you when you need it most.

If you want to arrange a cremation funeral service or to speak with our funeral directors, please call our toll-free number at 1800 055 311.
We are available 24 hours a day.