Pre-Arranged Funerals that Celebrates Your Life, The Way You Want

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Pre-Arrange your personal funeral preferences with the professional and caring team of funeral directors at Serenity Funerals.

We’ll go through the details of our burial or cremation options and memorial service with you. We tailor a pre-arranged funeral package that is personalised to you, allowing you to create a funeral that celebrates your life and is as unique as you are.

A pre-arranged funeral is not a formal agreement with the funeral director but can be incorporated into the contract as part of our pre-paid funerals.

Decisions to Be Considered for Pre-Arranged Funerals

Our funeral director will discuss with you all the funeral options we have available. However, these are questions you may want to ask yourself when pre-arranging a funeral:

  • Do you have a funeral location in mind?
  • Would you like a burial or cremation funeral service?
  • Do you have a nominated clergy or celebrant you wish to carry out the service?
  • Do you have a burial plot pre-purchased or will this have to be organised?
  • Do you have a personal reading you want at your funeral?
  • Who will be the pallbearers?
  • Is there a selection of music to be played?
  • Do you have your final wishes in a will for your family?
  • Who should be contacted in the event of your death?

Making a pre-arranged funeral with Serenity Funerals is a way to plan the funeral you want for yourself, while also making your loss less stressful on your family members.

Once you have sat down with a funeral director and made arrangements, it will be possible for us to give you an idea of the overall cost for your ideal funeral service. The next step is to pre-pay your funeral to ensure that the total cost of the funeral is taken care of, reducing even further the stress on your family, leaving them with more time to say farewell and celebrate your life.

Who Should Know About Your Pre-Arranged Funeral Plan?

Pre-arranging your funeral is a great way to have your funeral precisely the way you would like. We advise that you keep a legal copy of your pre-arranged funeral agreement with your executor or the person who will be responsible for all of your funeral arrangements. However, open discussion with your family is not only an excellent way to get their thoughts and have their input into the pre-arranged funeral, but it also makes your wishes widely know within the family.

Your Funeral Should be a Celebration of your Life.

If you would like to know more about pre-arranged funeral or to speak with our funeral directors, please call our toll-free number at 1800 055 311.
We are available 24 hours a day.